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      Trade / Course :

  01 ) NCVT ( National Council for Vocational Training ) affiliated Trades :-

  S.N.   Trade Name   Approved Unit   Duration of Training   Approved Seat   Affiliation NCVT/SCVT   DGET Affilation Order No.
  01   Copa   1   1 Year   20   NCVT   DGET-6/12/23/01–TC(dt.24-04-2006)
  01   Electrician   1   2 Year   16   NCVT   DGET-6/12/23/2001–TC(dt.14-10-2000)

  02 ) SCVT ( State Council for Vocational Training ) Trades :-

  S.N.   Trade Name   Approved Unit   Duration of Training   Approved Seat   Affiliation NCVT/SCVT
  01   Fitter   01+01 (02)   2 Year   16   SCVT

  03 ) मुख्यमंत्री कौशल विकास योजना (MMKVY) के अंतर्गत लघु अवधि कोर्स( व्ही. टी. पी. अंतर्गत संचालित कोर्स ( VTP Reg. No. CG1004G001 )) :-

  सेक्टर   कोर्स कोड   कोर्स   योग्यता   अवधि
  01   Electrical   ELE701   Electrician Domestic   8th   600 Hrs.
  02   Electrical   ELE703   Electrician Winder   8th   600 Hrs.
  03   Fabrication   FAB701   Arc And Gas Welder   8th   700 Hrs.
  04   Information & Communication Technology   ICT701   Accounts Assistant Using Tally   10th   500 Hrs
  05   Information & Communication Technology   ICT702   DTP And Print Publishing   10th   500 Hrs.

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