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      Technical Staff :

  S.N.   Name   Designation   Qualification   Trade.   Date of Joining.   Regular/Adhoc/Contract   CTI Trainees   Image
  01   Mr. L.L. Baghel   Training Superintended   ITI, CTI   Grinder   07.05.2015   Regular   Yes
  02   Mr. M.K. Ghritlahare   Training Officer   ITI. NAC   Fitter   18.01.2013   Regular   No
  03   Mr.S.R. Ghritlahre   Training Officer   ITI, Diploma In Electrical E   Electrician   18.01.2013   Regular   No
  04   Mr. P.K. Kaiwaty   Training Officer   ITI   Electrician   23.01.2013   Regular   No
  05   Mr. L.N. Patel   Training Officer   MA (English) Bed     11.08.2014   Regular   No
  06   Mr.D.S. Sanhra   Training Officer   ITI   Fitter   14.10.2014   Adhoc   No
  07   Mr.D.K. Joshi   Training Officer   ITI   COPA   01.10.2014   Adhoc   No

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