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      Infrastruture :

  (1) Infrastructure : Building and Workshop :-

  S.No.   Ownership Documents/Lease agreement for rented building   In Square Meter   Link to scanned document/image
  A   Total Area   10000 SqMtr  
  B   Covered Area   633.093 SqMtr  
  C   Total Class Rooms Area   90.72 SqMtr  
  D   Total Workshops Area   172.513 SqMtr  
  E   Drawing Hall   60.00 SqMtr  
  F   Computer Lab   47.56 SqMtr  
  G   Play Area   320.00 SqMtr  
  H   Audio Visual Hall   46.08 SqMtr  
  I   Library   320.00 SqMtr  
  J   Remarks    

  (2) Trade Specific Infrastructure, Building and Workshop :-

  Trade.   Unit   Class Room Area per Unit   Total room area for Trade   Workshop Area per unit   Total Workshop area for Trade   Remarks
  ELECTRICIAN   1   30.24 Sq.Mtr.   30.24 Sq.Mtr.   124.953 Sq.Mtr   124.953 Sq.Mtr  
  COPA   1   30.24 Sq.Mtr.   30.24 Sq.Mtr.   47.56 Sq.Mtr   47.56 Sq.Mtr  

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