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      Chairman and Members :

   Name of Chairman and Members :

  Name   Designation   Address   Mobile No.   UID No.   Member of other Society   If Column 6 is Yes, Please Furnish Details
  Mr. Gopal Jhunjhunwala   Chairman   Mahaanapratab nagar Q.N. 56 Korba   9425224498     No  
  Mr. D.S. Jagat   Secretary   Govt. ITI Mahasamund   9977362164     No  
  Mr.Shailendra Singh   Member   M/s Kalpana Learing Solution Tatyapara Chok GE Road Raipur       No  
  Mr. Jashpal Singh   Member   M/s Jaspreet Automobiles & Communications B-2, Bombey Market Raipur       No  
  Mr.Amit Aahuja   Member   M/s Colonizers, Amit Regency Raipur       No  
  Mr.Anirudh Agrawal   Member   Aaurvadic Heath House & Production Bilaspur.       No  
  Mr. Pawan Netam   Govt. Officer   Dist. Employment Office Mahasamund.       No  
  Mr.D.S. Pawar   Govt. Officer   Govt. Polytechnic Mahasamund       No  
  Mr.M.K. Ghritlahare   Govt. Officer   Govt. ITI Basna.   8103991849     No  
  Mr. Sanjay Sahu   Member   Electrician Trade ITI Basna       No  

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